Timios Berry Bar Healthy & Natural Energy Food Product For Kids 4+ Years (Pack Of 20) 20 Pkt

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BrandTimios CompositionTimios Berry Energy Bars are made from 100% natural and real fruits with the wholesome and goodness of a wide variety of berries which are loaded and packed with antioxidants and various other essential nutrients that are ideal for the development of cognition and other physical attributes in your little one. This product does not contain processed sugar, artificial colours, added flavour and added preservatives.FeaturesEnergy(385.15/96.29),Protein(7.54/1.89),Carbohydrates(62.69/15.67),Fruitsugar(31.74/7.94),sodium(2.31/0.58),Cholesterol(0/0),Dietary Fiber(6.11/1.53),Total fact(12.96/3.24),Saturated(5.33/1.33),Mufa(2.29/0.57),Trans fact(0/0), Calcium(53.73/13.43),Iron(2.12/0.53),Potassium(241/0.53)Vitamin A(8.07/2.02)IngredienstDates 37%, Oats 28%, Berries 11%(cranberries, strawberries), Malt extract, Honey, Rice crispies, Refined vegetable oil.