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Slurrp Farm Mighty Puff - Tangy Tomato 20 G Pouch 20 Gm

20 Grams
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BrandSlurrp Farm FlavorTomato How To UseOpen and Eat. Once opened, keep the contents in the air-tight container.CompositionCrunchy-munchy and loaded with nutritional benefits, the Slurrp Farm Mighty Puff & Mighty Munch are perfect anytime-snacking options for all ages! Ragi and jowar coupled with a lovely cheesy and a hint of parsley, whats not to like! Adults and children both love this one! Guilt-free happiness, they are designed for school going kids to pop into their bags, and their parents too!IngredienstMillets (Whole Grain Jowar, Whole Grain Ragi), Rice Flour, Milk Powder, Cheese Powder (1%), Seasoning (Onion powder, Garlic powder, Tomato Powder (0.2%), Mango Powder), Sugar, Salt, Citric Acid, Yeast Extract, Spices and Condiments (Chilli,Cinnamon), Ghee, Natural Oxidant.