Kapiva Ginger Burst Honey 250 Gm

250 Grams
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BrandKapiva FlavorGinger How To UseAdd half a teaspoon to warm water or green tea or just as a natural sweetener to your food to avoid a cough, cold or flu.CompositionYUMMY AND GINGERY: Kapiva's Ginger Burst Honey is a blend of natural honey and ginger extracts that combined unlock many health benefits INFUSED WITH GINGER: It is infused with ginger that will recharge your system to give you that extra push through the day. This mixture of Honey and Ginger works in many wondrous ways FIGHTS COMMON INFECTIONS: The combination of Honey and Ginger helps the body fight everyday, common problems like sore throat, indigestion, nausea, cough & cold REFRESH YOUR SENSES: Savour the gingery taste by adding one teaspoon in warm water or simply pop a spoonful in your mouth FREE FROM ARTIFICIAL CHEMICALS AND FLAVOURS: Beekeeping is one of the oldest traditions for collecting honey in India especially in the Northern parts. Our honey is free from any preservatives and only the purest forms come to your kitchen.IngredienstHoney, Ginger Extract