Kapiva Ayurveda Neem Juice

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BrandKapiva FlavorNeem How To UseConsuming 30 ml of this juice with 30 ml of water, twice a day, can work wonders for your body.CompositionNEEM JUICE FOR SKIN: Daily consumption of our pure neem juice has a radiant effect on the skin. It aids in diminishing skin ulcers and reduces spots on the skin. Our natural neem juice for skin has regenerative properties which aid in treating skin dryness and shows signs of delayed ageing. Neem is a natural moisturiser, so our juice is said to lighten skin blemishes. ORGANIC NEEM JUICE FOR DRINKING: This neem juice is also good for conditioning of hair as natural ingredients in it that reduces hair fall and improves scalp health. Baldness is also said to be treated with consumption of neem juice. Neem has medicinal properties which makes it a worthy drink to tackle dandruff related problems. GOOD FOR DIGESTION: This Ayurvedic Neem Juice is extremely effective in relieving symptoms of several gastrointestinal problems including hyperacidity, diarrhoea and constipation. Drinking Neem Juice improves the metabolism of your body by cleaning the stomach. It helps in removing toxins from intestines which eventually aids in better immunity. It breaks down all the required digestive juices and helps clean our liver. NATURAL BENEFITS OF NEEM: This Neem Leaf Juice has anti-bacterial properties and drinking this organic neem juice will help in fighting common infections such as cold, cough and throat infections. Our juice also has anti-inflammatory properties which aid in providing soothing relief to the throat and live. 30ML ON AN EMPTY STOMACH: This juice comes in a 1-litre bottle. Mix 30ml of Neem Juice in a glass of water (room temperature) and consume it on an empty stomach in the morning. If you are comfortable with its taste, you can also have a shot of 30ml without water to gain higher nutrition value. This juice is suitable for individuals above 12 years.IngredienstPure Neem Juice 99.97%