Kapiva Ayurveda BP Sure Juice

1 Litre
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BrandKapiva How To UseDrink 50 ml of this juice mixed with 50 ml of water twice a day and see benefits within a week of use.CompositionENERGY BOOSTER: Sarpagandha Plant Extract helps in reducing stress in our day to day life. It restores energy and helps regulate body processes. The bach flower used in our juice is used to treat stress and anxiety related issues. The overall combination of all our ayurvedic ingredients reduces blood pressure, stress and sharpens the mind. ENCOURAGES SOUND SLEEP: This product helps in relieving tension associated with everyday life. It soothes the blood flow so that it reaches all parts. By reducing stress and anxiety, it induces sound sleep in the human body. Consumption of this juice will reduce your stress-related headaches. It is essential to remove toxins from the glands. It helps in getting deep sleep without any problems in glands.IngredienstSarpgandha 12.5%, Jatamashi 25.0%, Rudraksh 25.0%, Bach 25.0%, Sankhpushpi 12.5% With Permitted Class II Preservatives.